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Color:1.Red tree


A wooden recipe book is a great gift for those who prefer unique things. Its cover can have unusual shades. You can use this book as a sketchbook, wish book, or diary. Such a product is perfect for placing children's or wedding photos. Write down your thoughts and adventures that happened to you on the pages of this wonderful book, and not a single event will be forgotten.

100% delivery guarantee!

We make a full refund in case of force majeure

● Free custom personalization

To make your gift truly unique, order it personalized. The front and back cover will be made however you wish: it can be engraving, logo or personal photos. Any of your suggested pictures will be reflected on the surface of the book. It will be perfect to give such a gift for the 5th wedding anniversary (according to tradition, it is customary to give wooden gifts on this day). 


The product is made of natural wood. You can choose the type of paper from the proposed list for yourself:

  • craft;
  • with lining;
  • watercolor cardboard;
  • with dots;
  • crystal white;
  • black;
  • milky white;
  • special designs for recipes.

The paper does not contain impurities or chemicals that can cause negative health effects.

If you choose a gift for her, add a few pages so your loved one can write down even more recipes. The cover is made in various shades. This allows you to choose an option that will fully meet the preferences of the person to whom the product is intended.

● Coverage

This wooden gift is a book made from natural wood (birch plywood is often used). The outer part is covered with a special agent that helps to keep your gift in perfect condition for many years. Thanks to the coating, the book takes on a unique color, each vein of the tree will be visible. The unique look of the product will give the birthday person unforgettable emotions. You can also use it as a unique gift. The structure of the wood looks different in every product. Never and no one can repeat your gift 100%. That is why it is a truly special gift.

● Book size

The gift is made in several sizes (A4, A5, A6). The first format doesn’t have an elastic band. There is paper (100 pages) or cardboard (38 pages) inside. You can choose a suitable model and place an order. If the proposed options do not suit you, you can always leave a custom order, which will be executed as soon as possible.

You can find detailed dimensions in the photo in the product listing. 

● Additional paper

Alternatively, you can include an “extra” paper set. Click here and place it in your shopping cart with a separate order. No additional shipping charges are required.

● How to order

If you want to order a gift for mom, you need to select the appropriate parameters of the product. In the special box, indicate if personalization is needed and what information you want to place on the cover. Add your favorite book model to the cart. Choose a payment method, complete the transaction (if you stopped at an online payment), and provide your personal data for prompt delivery.

● Shipping and delivery time

Your order will be ready within 3 days, after which it will be transferred to the transport company for delivery. You will receive an invoice number with which you can track the movement of the product across the country. Delivery takes up to 15 days (depending on the service and method – air or land transport). In the case of unforeseen circumstances that prevent your order from being delivered, the cost of payment will be refunded to your account. For more detailed information, please contact our manager. All the necessary data for feedback is indicated on the website.


By buying my products, you support the Children's Rehabilitation Fund of Ukraine.

 We wish you a happy shopping and all the best!